ReactFoo Delhi

ReactFoo Delhi

On React, alternatives to React, ReactNative and front-end engineering

Souvik Basu


All about HOC

Submitted Jun 16, 2018

Higher Order Components helps us in handling app complexity. Most of the libraries making React ecosystem heavily use HOC. This talk will take a deep dive into the architectural pattern of HOC and when to use it


  • What is a Higher Order Component
  • Examples of use of HOC in libraries
  • When to use HOC
  • How HOC helps to handle app complexity
  • Alternatives to HOC

Speaker bio

Souvik is a JS enthusiasts with 15 years experience in the industry. His day job is to set up a team on React project in Tesco Bengaluru. He loves to code equally well in React as well as in Angular. Currently he is spending a lot of time exploring Conversational UI.


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