ReactFoo Delhi

ReactFoo Delhi

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Rachit Gulati


Hidden performance gems in chrome dev tools we use @Microsoft.

Submitted Jun 30, 2018

The talk will be going to focus on lot of techniques we used @ Microsoft to measure our performance and how you can leverage the same in your React application directly from the chrome dev tools.


This talk will mostly be the live performance analysis of the random website and various techniques to improve them as we do @ Microsoft.

Few quick topics that will be covered are below:
1) Quick walk through to how to use the flame charts in the chrome dev tools in order to measure the performace.
2) Different profiling technique and how to use them.


You should know how to open developer console in chrome if not don’t worry I will teach you mutiple ways to do it :)

Speaker bio

I am rachit gulati a.k.a squiroid currently working @ Microsoft and crafting the frontend of the great collaboration tool called “Teams”. I am a cross functional programmer, part time Game Developer, EX Android Developer. I love trekking apart from building amazing products in javascript :)




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