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Varun Nath


Building Complex UI's and Animations in React Native

Submitted Jun 15, 2018

React Native is not only extremely powerful but is also extremely easy to use.
In this hands on talk you’ll learn how to create complex performant UI’s and adding animations to your react native app.
We’ll also analyse some of the popluar ui’s out in the app store and try and replicate them during this talk.


  1. A short intro to react native and expo
  2. Understanding the Basics of styling in react native
  3. Structuring your app
  4. Thinking of the UI from the end user’s perspective
  5. Keeping the Navigation in mind while creating the ui
  6. Digging into Animations
  7. Creating a performant real world app ui


Basic React Native knowledge and a sense of humour.

Speaker bio

I’m a self taught programmer and i moonlight as a commercial airline pilot. I have a youtube channel where i teach people how to create react native applications. I like keeping things simple.


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