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Ramandeep Singh


Python for Kids - Python to Introduce Computer Programming and Logical Thinking to School Kids

Submitted Nov 17, 2016

Python is a powerful language that is easy to learn and fun to use

Python can help kids and teens (and their parents) into the wonderful world of programming.
This session will introduce how Python can be used in Schools across India to help students development logical skills, learn computer programming and even hardware interactions. Python can help students in their school projects and exapnd the possibilities for their imagination.


  • Introduction about the session
  • My experiments of using Arduino to teach programming to kids as young as 8 years
  • Benifits of learning programming for kids and teens
  • Layout of how to introduce Python to kids
  • Some example programs and projects which kids can explore

Speaker bio

I am a solution architect, delivery leader and a technical geek all rolled up into a sound software professional with strong work ethics.

I love to work with groups to solve problems, develop new products and enhance existing ones all the while focusing on meaningful process, methodologies, critical deadlines and timely results. A problem-solver and trouble-shooter by heart, I am enthused to work with my clients to shape their vague requirements and ideas into meaningful products.

I am experienced in applying people, process, problem-solving and technical skills to improve individual, team and organizational performance with a proven track record in delivering mission critical solutions.

In my free time, I like to tinker “things” and try to make something interesting out of them. Love Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Python and everything around them. I have been teaching Arduino programming to kids in Pune for last 2 years and also taken session for college students like IISER


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