PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

PyCon, the gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. This is the first year of the PyCon Pune where the community will meet for two days of talks and working on upstream projects in two days of dev sprint. CFP ends on 30th November AoE.

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Shreyans Sheth


Photoshop like a hacker! Image Processing in Python using OpenCV

Submitted Nov 17, 2016

Ever wondered how Snapchat builds those cool filters and detects your face correctly everytime? How apps like Retrica can enhance images so well?

I’ll be showing you how we can leverage the power of OpenCV and perform such image processing operations in Python. Soon, you’ll be able to manipulate, enhance, detect, break and make images in just a few lines of code. You’ll be photoshopping images the hacker’s way, through code!


With concepts like AI, Neural Networks and Machine learning coming to the forefront everyday, becoming familiar with Image Processing concepts has become imperative and central to understanding these better.

Through this session, I’ll be showing you how you can implement fundamental operations like Binarization, Contrast Enhancement, Thresholding and a few advanced concepts like Hough Line Transforms and Inpainting, in just a few lines of code which allow us to do wonders. Detecting faces, tilted edges and objects in pictures couldn’t get more simpler!

All the code i’ll be showing you shall be implemented in a realtime project we’ll be building together side by side, where we’ll be removing Captions off Snapchat Images.


In the end, we’ll be mashing some Deep Learning using scikit-learn and OpenCV to build your own Optical Character Recognition software.



Linux System with Python 2.7, OpenCV and Scikit-Learn installed (Easy Tutorial)

Speaker bio

  • Former Google Summer of Code student and currently a Google Code-in mentor at OpenMRS where we help improve healthcare across the planet through software.
  • Lead Backend developer at Wolfbeacon (headquartered in Toronto, Ontario) where we’re working on building the world’s first Open Source Cross-Platform Hackathon organization and management software.
  • Upcoming Software Engineering Intern at Wingify this winter where I’ll be working with the Pushcrew team on their code and infrastructure.
  • I’ve had significant programming experience in Python. Some of my projects included building Web Scrapers and Parsers using BeautifulSoup & Mechanize, REST APIs in Flask, Automation tools with Selenium and Image processing modules in OpenCV (See My Projects). I’ve also contributed to a bunch of popular Open Source Python projects like git-remote-dropbox and flask-restful (See My GitHub).
  • Besides hacking at Open Source software, I’m interested in Algorithms and Competitive Programming and my team will be representing our college, VIT Chennai at the the ACM ICPC onsite regionals to be held during December 2016 in Kolkata.
  • I’m also pursuing some research in Image Steganography and Reversible Image Transforms.


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