Ipshita Chatterjee


Lightning Talk : coala 'Bear' hugs from Rails Girls Summer of Code

Submitted Aug 29, 2017

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program aimed towards increasing the participation of women in open source. With this lightning talk, we aim to present and talk about the program and our project, coala. coala is a static code analysis tool, how to begin with coala, generating custom configuration files for running coala and tes driven development. We’d also include a small coding demo for writing a linter bear.


The talk will comprise of the following segments:
1. Program Description:
This portion of the talk would cover program details of Rails Girls Summer of Code, the motivations behind it and their importance. We will discuss the difference it has made in our skillsets and the community outreach efforts that it has inspired.
2. Project Description:
We will be covering our project: coala, a unified static code analysis tool which can be used for code analysis for maintaining code quality irrespective of the underlying language on which it is run. The tool coala is used by developers and open source projects around the world and can be easily integrated in editor plugins as well as CI pipelines.
3. Experience of the interns:
We will discuss about how the community helped us and what our internship experience has been like. Our talk would cover a variety of topics: from how to begin contributing to coala, the culture of peer reviewing PRs to get your own PRs reviewed faster, test driven development and how to generate custom configuration file (.coafile) for running coala on your own code. We’d also be giving a small coding demo for writing a linter bear.



Speaker bio

Ipshita Chatterjee
Ipshita is a senior undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering from NSIT. She is an RGSoC intern in summer 2017 for coala. One of her publications was adjudged amongst the top 7 papers worldwide in the 5th International IEEE Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets Conference..
Prachi Manchanda
Prachi is a senior at NSIT and has been involved in several open source programs, as an RGSoC intern in 2017 with coala and as a GSoC mentor for Systers. As a Google WTM Scholar, she has presented her work in open source communities and meetups.
Speaker Links

  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team200OK/status
  2. Github:
    1. github.com/IpshitaC
    2. github.com/prachi1210


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