World IA Day 2020, New Delhi

One-day annual celebration to evangelise the practice of Information Architecture.

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The Circle, Gurugram

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In this year of celebration we will showcase where we have come from, how IA has made a difference in our lives and way of accessing knowledge. We will show where we are pushing the boundaries of today, and we will bring the spotlight to the future of this ever important discipline.

In our celebrations we seek to show:

  • How it is essential to have the skills and learn the skills,
  • To showcase the past and present of how IA has made a difference, a forum for:
    • case studies,
    • showcasing methodologies,
    • other successes in the field… how it has progressed over the years and where it is going.
  • How can we channel our thoughts to focus and refocus on what’s fundamental for IA.

The theme for World IA Day 2020 is The IA Element.

The IA Element

Each part counts for its own purpose. But all elements must work together. The meaning behind it is the IA element.
The World IA Day was created to celebrate Information Architecture (IA) and to empower local leaders keep growing and sharing within their communities.

In 2020, more than anything, we want to reinforce this celebration – highlighting how IA is Elemental (or integral) to having the best results.

How IA ties and binds different ideas involved, the end users, the stakeholders, the designers and the developers. How IA is often the bridge element between them all and tying together through understanding. How IA filters the noise for a better collaboration for a growing community.

We invite proposals from information architects, designers, UX practitioners or from any other field that works with information — and especially if you are a woman (or non-binary/non-cis gender) or represent any other minority community.

The call for proposal closes on 13 February 2020, 5pm.

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Submissions are closed for this project

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Interface for Developers: CyberSource Developer Center Case Study

Aditya Kale

  • Mon, 10 Feb