World IA Day 2020, New Delhi

World IA Day 2020, New Delhi

One-day annual celebration to evangelise the practice of Information Architecture.



Aditya Kale

Interface for Developers: CyberSource Developer Center Case Study

Submitted Feb 10, 2020

Session will be case study of CyberSource Developer Center.
How it evolved from a time when developer has to go through multi page pdf document to integrate with CyberSource payment gateway APIs to a very interactive and intuitive website where it is today. Session will be useful for individuals, designers who wish to know our journey from multi page pdf documentation to intuitive website.


Short introduction to Cybersource and assets for developers
Bad experience: Documentation with Multiple Multi-page PDF documents
User objective is to understand and integrate with APIs
~500 pages long
More than 2 weeks to understand and integrate with APIs
How IA elements like organization, navigation and cognitive ease, needed improvement
From PDF document to CyberSource developer center
Research User:
Problems: Getting lost in PDF documentation
Goal: Quickly understand API offerings and integrate with them
Define content
Different API offerings: input, output, status codes
Getting Credentials to integrate with API
Sample code in different language
Organizing content
Manifestation on website: Payments, Token management, Payer Authentication, etc.
Manifestation on website: site tour, addressing problem of customer switching between multiple PDF documents to get different information, scrolling different pages in same document to get information
Application of The Principle of disclosures
Issue with PDF document: Information overload
Solution: API live console
User testing
Time taken by user to integrate with APIs
Number of new integrations
Awards received by CyberSource and Authorize.Net Developer Experience

Speaker bio

Aditya Kale (Staff Software Engineer @ Visa Inc.) and Gabriel Nongsiej (Staff Software Engineer @ Visa Inc)
We are part of team who contributed to the development of Cybersource Developer Center and Authorize.Net Developer Center.
Before joining VISA INC, we did our graduation from IIT KHARAGPUR.


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