AngularJS Miniconf

A single day single track miniconf on AngularJS

Shyam Seshadri


AngularJS: How, Why and Whats the difference?

Submitted Feb 5, 2014

  • Get A brief overview of what AngularJS is
  • Understand the major advantages that a framework like AngularJS offers
  • Know the major shifts in thinking needed to effectively use AngularJS


An introductory talk about AngularJS, talking about the motivations and history of AngularJS, and how it came to be, right from someone from the original team. Then a brief deep dive into some of the major benefits that AngularJS offers, before finally delving into some thought shifts needed to work effectively in AngularJS, especially for people coming from a pure JS background.


  • An understanding of Javascript
  • A want to learn something awesome

Speaker bio

Shyam Seshadri is the Founder & Director at Fundoo Solutions Private Limited, a Tech startup specializing in JavaScript (AngularJS & NodeJS) and BigData. Part of the original team that developed AngularJS, He has co-authored the book on AngularJS for O’Reilly publications, and conducts Hands-on AngularJS workshops across the globe. A geek at heart, even an MBA from the Indian School of Business couldn’t keep him away from the technology space.


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