AngularJS Miniconf

A single day single track miniconf on AngularJS

With the huge growth in popularity of AngularJS, it’s time for a dedicated event looking at AngularJS in depth.

The AngularJS Miniconf is a spin-off event from Meta Refresh 2014 and will be hosted one day prior to the Meta Refresh workshops at the same venue: The Energy and Resources Institute, Domlur, Bangalore.

More details on the Meta Refresh website

Miniconfs are single day, single track events on upcoming topics for a limited audience (80 max). They are participant-supported and low budget, so there’s no funding for speaker travel expenses.

We’re looking for talks on original work around AngularJS. As a spin-off event, talks will be selected by the Meta Refresh editorial panel by combining panel votes with participant votes (you may vote as a general member of the public, but your vote is only counted when you buy a ticket using an email address that is listed on your profile).

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Miniconfs are miniature conferences. more

Shyam Seshadri


AngularJS: How, Why and Whats the difference?

Submitted Feb 5, 2014

  • Get A brief overview of what AngularJS is
  • Understand the major advantages that a framework like AngularJS offers
  • Know the major shifts in thinking needed to effectively use AngularJS

Outline #

An introductory talk about AngularJS, talking about the motivations and history of AngularJS, and how it came to be, right from someone from the original team. Then a brief deep dive into some of the major benefits that AngularJS offers, before finally delving into some thought shifts needed to work effectively in AngularJS, especially for people coming from a pure JS background.

Requirements #

  • An understanding of Javascript
  • A want to learn something awesome

Speaker bio #

Shyam Seshadri is the Founder & Director at Fundoo Solutions Private Limited, a Tech startup specializing in JavaScript (AngularJS & NodeJS) and BigData. Part of the original team that developed AngularJS, He has co-authored the book on AngularJS for O’Reilly publications, and conducts Hands-on AngularJS workshops across the globe. A geek at heart, even an MBA from the Indian School of Business couldn’t keep him away from the technology space.


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Miniconfs are miniature conferences. more