Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

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Meta Refresh 2018 will cover four primary topics:

  1. User research and design -- how user research is carried out and translated into design (whether engineering or designing user interactions).
  2. Design systems -- how collaborations are being enabled between engineers and designers. Here, we are looking for case studies.
  3. Tooling for design systems -- share your experiences (and evaluations) of open source tools for design systems.
  4. Why the boundaries between UI and UX are not the way to proceed for design and designers.

Criteria to submit a conference proposal

You must be a practising web developer or designer, and must be able to show how your own work has advanced the state of the web in the past year. You are expected to present original work that your peers — this event’s audience — recognise as being notable enough to deserve a stage. If you are excited about someone’s work and believe it deserves wider recognition, we recommend you contact them and ask them to submit a proposal.

Guidelines for submission

Every proposal MUST be accompanied by:

  • A two minute preview video where the proposer gives an elevator pitch about the talk.
  • Detailed outline of the talk – either in the form of draft slides, mind map and/or textual description.
  • If you are proposing to speak on a topic where the code is not open-sourced yet, the editorial panel will consider your proposal only if the code is made open-source at least three weeks before the conference.

Without the above information, your proposal will not be considered for review.

If you are submitting a Workshop Proposal, you must clearly state:

  • Background knowledge that participants must possess in order to attend your workshop.
  • Details and links to software / packages which participants must install before coming to the workshop.
  • Laptop configuration.
  • Links to background reading material and GitHub repos.
  • Duration of the workshop.
  • Maximum number of participants who can attend your workshop.
  • Instructor’s past experience with conducting workshops.

There is only one speaker per session. Workshops can have more two or more instructors.

Entry is free for confirmed speakers.

If you are an outstation speaker, HasGeek will do its best to provide a grant that covers part of your travel and accommodation expenses in Bangalore, subject to budgetary constraints.


The 2018 edition is a multi-track event with the following session formats:

  1. Full length talks of 40 minutes
  2. Crisp talk of 15 minutes
  3. Workshops of 3-6 hours
  4. Off the Record sessions (OTR)

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting proposals: TBD
Conference date: 26-27 October, 2018


Meta Refresh will be held at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, write to [](mail or call +9107676332020

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Meta Refresh is an umbrella forum for conversations about different aspects of design and product including: UX and interaction design CMS, content management, publishing and content marketing Information architecture more

Wolfram Thurm


WORKSHOP: Design and implement with fidelity

Submitted Sep 20, 2018

Well crafted details require a process that prevents design details from getting lost in translation to code. Designers often see a considerable gap between their specifications and the developers’ implementation. Similarly, developers often complain about missing details and unclear inputs from designers. These are outcomes of a mismatch between the languages that designers and developers speak and their understanding of each other’s domains, which leads to poorly crafted products.

In this workshop we will explore how developers can draw from design tools and techniques to help them implement designs better and to help them collaborate more effectively with designers. Participants will be taken through the entire product building cycle, covering design, handover, implementation and iteration, all compressed into a span of a couple of hours.


Design (1–2 hours)

In the first part of the workshop, we will design a simple progressive web app. We will start by defining the functionality and then jump into Sketch to learn the fundamental principles, techniques and best practices of things like colour, typography, layout, information hierarchy, using symbols and making designs responsive.

Handover (30 minutes)

In the handover stage, we will export out designs to Zeplin to generate specifications and style guides that are easy to understand, change and maintain.

Implementation (2–3 hours)

We will build upon the pre-shared boilerplate code with the participants and code the front-end part of the application. We will address each design aspect introduced earlier and translate it into code to match the design to the highest fidelity. At the end, we will have a responsive web-app written in HTML, CSS (Sass) and JavaScript that exactly matches the design intent.

Iteration (30 minutes)

In the real world, a digital product is never done. In the final stage of this workshop, we will make design changes in our app, without breaking the existing code.


  • A Mac computer with Sketch installed. There is a 14 day free trial available.
  • Zeplin, can also be accessed via the browser.
  • A code editor of your choice.
  • A reliable and fast internet connection.

Speaker bio


Wolfram is a musician and designer from Germany. If he is not pushing around pixels he cycles, works with low value garbage recycling and teaches music. He studied product design at the Bauhaus university but has grown fond of digital design since he has become a part of uncommon about three years ago. He worked on apps for clients like Flipkart, OLX, GoJek and TCS.


Akshay is a product designer at Uncommon. He studied at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Denmark and National Institute of Design, India. He has worked on projects for clients like IKEA, Barclays and the Copenhagen Municipality and his work has been featured on Fast Company, Wired and The Creators Project.


Tanushree is a front-end developer at Uncommon. Previously she worked with Microsoft and Cognitive Match, and more recently with clients such as Shoonya Space and Black Baza Coffee. She studied Information Systems at UC Berkeley. She is a trained expressive arts therapist and runs spaces with an aim towards better emotional well-being and free expression using different arts.


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Meta Refresh is an umbrella forum for conversations about different aspects of design and product including: UX and interaction design CMS, content management, publishing and content marketing Information architecture more