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Pro Freelancing for Designers & Developers




What would it look like to be working as a designer/front-end developer and earn your living through freelancing?

I have been a freelancer for a significant part of my career, and I would like to share some of my learnings, experiences and tips for anyone looking to lead a successful freelance life.
This talk is primarily for someone who has enough skill to pick up projects online. The content would also not be focussing on “why” of freelancing.

The link section contains a transcript for a similar talk which I gave at one of the digital marketing meet-ups.


  1. Know your skill
  2. Branding Yourself
  3. Communication
  4. How about delivering a great portfolio website, getting international recognition and travelling while working?:
  5. Legal (quotations, billing, terms, Copyrights, and so on)
  6. Sharpening your skill

I would be sharing Video Brief/Slides soon!


Open Mind and a brave heart 💝

Speaker bio

Prashant Sani is a freelance front-end web developer. He is passionate about bringing great digital products through web technologies.