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Using customer journey maps for effective product design

Submitted Aug 10, 2018

Customer journey map is a visual representation of all touch points customers have with the product and its ecosystem.
At Qubole, journey maps are used extensively to find and solve breaking points in user’s journey through the product. This talk will give overview of the design tool: Journey maps with real world examples of using them in designing effectively for enterprise saas product: Qubole data service. It will also highlight best practices of using the tool in various stages of design process.


  • Introdcution to the design tool: Customer Journey Maps
  • How to build a journey map
  • Using journey map in product design: with real world examples
  • Best practices from the industry
  • QnA

Speaker bio

Ankita specializes in User Experience Design and Design Thinking at Qubole. She has previously worked with firms like SAP Labs and Symantec and has a rich background in designing effective and engaging Enterprise Applications across Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management.

She has been involved in the field of design for around a decade and is an alumuns of Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.


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