Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

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Sonal Raj


Timeless Design for Modern Interfaces

Submitted Aug 11, 2018

Why do so many of us get fascinated with Apple devices? How do you think the ‘bokeh’ effect came into being? And ‘parallax’? How does one come up with image filter ideas for instagram? And anyone who thinks ‘Material UI’ just came up in the designer’s dreams? Was Bootstrap, that marked an era in web design, really needed? Inspiration is the bedrock of good design. It encompasses the fodder for the unlikely juxtapositions. But where does one go to find inspiration that educates?

Great design inspirations exist all around us. They may be in the form of eye-catching marvels around us, or they may be based on the intuitions that drive the need for a product like a music player. They may result from ideologies of nature, or they may be as simple as looking at shapes, colors and textures around you. However it may be, design needs to constantly evolve.


This talk will focus on the conventional and unconventional inpiration present all around us that modern designers can rely upon to come up with insanely great UI and UX. Key points include -

  • Modern Design Processes
  • Real World Inspirations
  • Nature inspired design
  • Beauty vs. Intuition
  • Timeless Design Quirks


The talk is intended for the creative, design-hungry audience who are interested to lay the foundation for nex-gen product interfaces, although you do not need knowledge of any specific packages, libraries or software. Just a creative mind is enough! The primary takeaway of this talk would be learning how to get started with ideating more intuitive and useful interfaces and discuss some cool design tips.

Speaker bio

Sonal Raj (@_sonalraj) has been an avid pythonista and design geek for 10 years. He spends a good part of his time tinkering with UI/UX and software design for major firms. Sonal holds a masters in Information Technology and has been a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His domains of work included distributed systems and graph databases, and he loves to explore art, new gadgets and develop new technology. He is also the author of the book ‘Neo4j High Performance’.



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