Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

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So called freelancing

Submitted Jul 11, 2018

You believe that you can be your own boss. Not just in work, but life in general.
You can manage your time productively outside of any system.
You are tired of the 9–5 mundane routine.
You trust your skills you gained over the years better than systems and corporates.
You are your best version when you are independent.
Your networking skills are great.
You need the freedom to choose your projects, clients, the way you work and not someone micromanaging you.

Well, then welcome to the world of freelancing!


  • Freelancing is a life style choice (Reality check on what that life is like?)
  • Things you gotta plan before you start your freelance business
  • The art of pricing your service
  • Are there enough legal support for freelancers in India?
  • Handling boring paper work (Contracts, Invoices, Accounts)
  • How to overcome dry spell days?
  • How to sustain business and get continuous work / clients

Speaker bio

I’m a Freelance Designer working outta Bangalore, India.

Madly in love with Branding, Experience design for Web and Mobile Applications, Creating layouts and crafting webpages compatible across devices in HTML, CSS / SASS / LESS.

Having 10+ years of industry experience in various fields starting from Support, Telecom and Software Industry. The interesting mix of domain knowledge I got through my career helps me understand any business and gets easier in designing experiences for them.

Freelancing since 2015. Mostly working with Small, Medium size businesses, Start-ups.



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