Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

The web in your pocket

Saloni Jain


From REST to GraphQL

Submitted Aug 17, 2017

APIs are everywhere: we consume APIs, we produce APIs. The pace of delivering new features and updates are so important that we are continuously looking for smarter ways to expose and use APIs. In this talk, we will explore REST downfalls and why GraphQL is the future of Apps. We will also discuss how GraphQL lets you create your own story and becomes the missing link between frontend and backend developers.


  • Designing a UI Component server and query using GraphQL
  • Shortcomings of REST
  • How GraphQL addresses the shortcomings of REST?
  • What is GraphQL?
  • Why is GraphQL frontend friendly?
  • Hello World GraphiQL
  • Types of operations in GraphQL
  • Live Coding and Demos
  • What is the future?
  • Using GraphQL in real scenarios @ Adobe
  • Who is using GraphQL in industry?


Familiarity with JavaScript and REST

Speaker bio

Saloni is a frontend engineer at Adobe working on She has been working on frontend technologies like Angularjs, Canjs, Vuejs. She loves to explore new frameworks and everything UX.




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