Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

The web in your pocket

Chirag Narula


Everybody's a designer. Especially you!

Submitted May 30, 2018

“Amazon does it like that, WHY can’t we?”, “I don’t think our app is difficult to use at all”, “I showed my app to my partner.. He/she didn’t like it.”
- These are of some well meaning words coming together to form no meaning; or worse, they provide an adverse value. But, how do you avoid saying or listening to these words?

This talk helps in understanding what design really is, the real role of a designer, basics of design, giving & taking feedback and how you can fill a designer’s shoes and bring design values to your product.

The talk is intended for engineers, freelancers and entrepreneurs with knack for design. This talks doesn’t romanticize with the idea of design; instead we will communicate about designing and shipping in the real time sensitive world.


  • Roles of a designer. What makes a designer.
  • UX and UI basics.
  • Design processes.
  • Don’t romanticise with design. Do it.
  • Product & Design Value: WHO is your product: “Don’t fall in love with your product. Fall in love with the problem.”

Speaker bio

A graduate from NID, I am an engineer turned designer who loves art, design and pizzas. The computer engineering background enabled me to make products, launch, fail fast and learn.

As Founding designer at Grofers, Chirag has built products from scratch to bring technology to solve operational issues, designed products for semi-literate delivery executives, crafted mobile and web products for our customers and built one of the best design team in the country. Chirag have been successful at bringing a design culture in other wise operation based company.


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