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Everybody's a designer. Especially you!

Submitted by Chirag Narula (@chiragnarula) on Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner


“Amazon does it like that, WHY can’t we?”, “I don’t think our app is difficult to use at all”, “I showed my app to my partner.. He/she didn’t like it.” - These are of some well meaning words coming together to form no meaning; or worse, they provide an adverse value. But, how do you avoid saying or listening to these words?

This talk helps in understanding what design really is, the real role of a designer, basics of design, giving & taking feedback and how you can fill a designer’s shoes and bring design values to your product.

The talk is intended for engineers, freelancers and entrepreneurs with knack for design. This talks doesn’t romanticize with the idea of design; instead we will communicate about designing and shipping in the real time sensitive world.


  • Roles of a designer. What makes a designer.
  • UX and UI basics.
  • Design processes.
  • Don’t romanticise with design. Do it.
  • Product & Design Value: WHO is your product: “Don’t fall in love with your product. Fall in love with the problem.”

Speaker bio

A graduate from NID, I am an engineer turned designer who loves art, design and pizzas. The computer engineering background enabled me to make products, launch, fail fast and learn.

As Founding designer at Grofers, Chirag has built products from scratch to bring technology to solve operational issues, designed products for semi-literate delivery executives, crafted mobile and web products for our customers and built one of the best design team in the country. Chirag have been successful at bringing a design culture in other wise operation based company.


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) a year ago

    Chirag, share the draft slides for this proposal. We need to see the content you plan to cover to make a decision whether this proposal is relevant for Meta Refresh.

    • Chirag Narula (@chiragnarula) Proposer 12 months ago

      Sure! I ll put on some pointers/slides if that helps. Thanks. :)

  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) a year ago

    Also, this statement, “I showed my app to my wife.. She didn’t like it.” is not necessarily well-meaning. It is stereotyping and produces a negative image of women (and of spouses in general, even if the wife in some cases may be another man or woman). Please remove this.

    • Chirag Narula (@chiragnarula) Proposer 12 months ago

      Hi Zainab, thought I should DM you but apparently Twitter doesn’t allow that. I find it interesting that you thought “I showed my app to my wife.. She didn’t like it” stereotypes women. Apologies if it comes across as a sexist remark, but I would differ. Putting into the context I am talking about, if anything it actually creates a positive image of women! How her opinion actually matters to the speaker here. How the women finally are getting a rightful voice (yes, we still have a long way to go!). Moreover, it’s just a bad example of how many product owners give their feedback or validate their products. What do you think?

      • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 12 months ago

        If the term wife is accompanied with a qualification that a wife is a role, not a gender, I am fine with it. That is, a man can have another man as his spouse/wife and shows the app to his wife for a review. Or a woman can have another woman as a wife.
        Also, your idea of giving women a rightful voice by virtue of asking for their opinion comes across as condescending to me (as another woman). I’d rather build the capacities and platforms for voice for myself than being ‘granted’ such channels. But that’s me. There are women at differnt levels of authority and empowerment who think, believe and receive differently.

        • Chirag Narula (@chiragnarula) Proposer 12 months ago

          Hi Zainab - In all honesty, when I saw your first message, my instinct was to say – but no no I didn’t mean it like that at all/is it really sexist?/the point was a larger one about the kinds of data points we shouldn’t use. And then tried to overcompensate. I realise from your second response that you are very right about all that you have put forth, and I learnt from how you articulated it. Perhaps in providing examples like this from institutions such as marriage for which we all (regardless of diversity in demography, empowerment, or conditioning) have perceived notions of the power implicit within those roles - I could’ve instead said something like “I showed the app to my partner…who didn’t like it”, which would be gender neutral. This exchange definitely gave me pause, and I’m grateful that you took the time to share your feedback.

          • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 12 months ago

            Thanks. I appreciate the spirit with which you have responded. Look forward to the slides for your proposal.

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