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Aravind Ravi Sulekha


The React Way: A non-trivial example

Submitted Mar 22, 2015

Learn to build a complex React component, become familiar with the component lifecycle and gain experience with a broad range of component APIs.


The Scrollback web client was recently refactored to use React extensively. One of the key components we built is Endless (, a very versatile infinite scroll component.

This workshop will take participants through building a simple infinite scroll view in React.


Familiarity with writing front-end JS, and maybe having read an article or two about React. Experience buiding stuff in React is not required.

Speaker bio

I’m a co-founder and the chief hacker at Scrollback, a startup that hosts online meeting places for communities. My first JavaScript code was hosted on GeoCities and targeted IE4. I’ve spoken at JSFoo in 2014 and 2011 and a couple of times at Bangalore JS.

Scrollback is the fifth startup I’ve written code at, and the second that I co-founded.


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