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Vignesh Nandha Kumar


Score 90+ on Google Pagespeed - mobile & desktop

Submitted Feb 24, 2015

To explain how to improve page load speeds without compromising on quality.


Most of the sites - including the ones whose primary usage is from mobiles - seem to take speed for granted. While responsive design has become the norm for most modern websites, the speed is generally overlooked.

But on the brighter side, it’s not so hard to fix it. With a few simple build steps, you can achieve 90+ score on Google Pagespeed, as we did for

Inspired by SmashingMagazine’s perfect 100/100, we started going aggressively after performance bottlenecks for, and managed to get 91 on mobile and 94 on desktop, though we still have some more optimizations pending.

I’ll share the learnings, along with the step-by-step process we went through.


Basic knowledge about HTML, CSS & front-end build tools (gulp/grunt).

Speaker bio

Vignesh is a UX designer (UX nazi as his colleagues call him :D) at Recruiterbox. Works primarily on design most recently, though he codes sometimes. Loves human languages more than computer ones and can read & write 5 of them.



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