Meta Refresh 2015

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Abhishek Mishra


Polymer for Fun and Profit - observations from writing a documentation tool with Polymer

Submitted Feb 28, 2015

This talk is about Web Components and Polymer - first a walkthrough of an internal tool built with Polymer, followed by reflections on the choice, benefits and observations.


At Helpshift, for over a year, we used a tiny internal documentation generator - Quill. The workflows were hardly friendly to non-developers and proved to be a bottleneck as we grew.

In a recent hackathon, we built a UI for Quill with Polymer and it turned out to be a fantastic fit.

This talk is about observations & insights from the work.

In this talk, we gently introduce Web Components and Polymer. We take walk-through design & development of the UI. Talk about why Polymer turned out to be a breeze. And why Web Components and Polymer are a step forward fostering much needed re-usability and composability for the modern web.

Speaker bio

I’m Abhishek, I do product design at Helpshift. I love running, dabbling into art and programming. Twitter: @ideamonk



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