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Indermohan Singh


Mobile App Development with Ionic and AngularJS

Submitted Jan 23, 2015

In this Talk, I will discuss about Mobile App development with Ionic, a front-end SDK along with AngularJS and Cordova. People who are attending this conference will learn better way of Developing Apps and Websites too. (jQuery is not solution of Everything!)


I will be discussing purely about Ionic and AngularJS. As per your theme, it will great for attendees to experience the awesomeness of this Increadible tool. Ionic is very well designed framework, I will be discussing various features of Ionic and its UI Elements Like Tabs, Sidemenus, Drawer, Popover etc and lots of Other Functionality. Along with Ionic, I will also discuss about AngularJS, a better way to develop web application.

Speaker bio

I am Indermohan Singh, Developer of Mobile App Ragakosh, Link: and creator of Ionic Framework Snippet Plugin, Link:

I am running AngularJS Ludhiana Meetup Group and Community memeber of Ionic. I have experience of Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic.



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