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I Will Javascript You!

Submitted by Dron Rathore (@dronrathore) on Mar 9, 2015

Section: Performance – full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


To enlighten the community about the importance of writing concise, optimised Javascript code by deeply understanding the JS, lower level design patterns of it, and how it binds with DOM, for Mobile Web given its limitations.


When someone says “Mobile Web”, we generalise it to media queries, minified code, gzipping and employing other paradigms, and thus we often fall prey to this trap. Neglecting Javascript performance issues on mobile, with less memory having templating, adding a cool MVC framework blindfoldedly just to make ourselves comfortable is a bad attitude. A deep understanding of Javascript engine with a topping of lower level architecture and how it binds with DOM, where does we often fail, what all things we take for granted that causes a fail for gaining performance and what all we can work upon to gain it back.


A zeal to make Web a better place, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5 that’s all it takes.

Speaker bio

Dron is a Front-End developer, Node JS and Automation Testing team lead at He is also Mozilla Representative and an open-source enthusiasts. He is the swiss knife of the Front End team at Housing and a great person to reach out. Dron has been vividly working upon a lot of cool technologies and challenges them for the best.



  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 5 years ago

    Good topic area, but looks like you have far too much ground to cover in 45 minutes. It’ll help if you can narrow it down to one common problem and finish with references for the audience to explore on their own. Also, that title.

    • Dron Rathore (@dronrathore) Proposer 5 years ago

      Its going to be an enlightening talk, kind of crisp, I am targetting a 20-25 mins of it, didn’t found an option while submitting so added it to 45mins :)

      I will not be getting into a deep under hood stats or discussion(thats for the audience), from my study of JS frameworks(v8 & IonMonkey) & best practices that we follow at, I am focussing for letting people know what all JS optimse, what it doesn’t, JS and DOMs relations and where we dont pay attention to major memory and optimisation thing and combining that with limitations of Mobile and Mobile Web.

      I am primarliy targetting to let audience think before they write JS or use JS frameworks for Mobile Web and how they can achieve the best of the JS.

      P.S: That title is of my online Blog Series(started this month).

      • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 5 years ago

        There’s a 20min talk option: “crisp talk”. (Used to be 15m, but that’s too tight.)

        • Dron Rathore (@dronrathore) Proposer 5 years ago

          Exactly that’s what I thought and then moved it to 45min one. :)

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