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On the construction of user interface on the web

Arpan CJ


Responsive Web Design done right

Submitted Jan 9, 2014

Understand and implement different Responsive Design patterns from scratch.


Responsive Web Design has become a big buzz word. Everybody’s doing it. And all the frameworks have added support for partially responsive sites.

Yet, too many people are doing it in the wrong way. We’re using frameworks that make all the decisions for us. But almost all of them follow just a single basic pattern, multiple columns that merge into a single column. And this results in layouts that aren’t really that great.

Can we do better? There are numerous Responsive Design patterns, and yet we don’t use them because they seem difficult to implement. But they are not.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make websites that provide a great experience on every device. We are going to learn how to build a few different and unique responsive design patterns from scratch. In the process you’ll learn techniques that you will be able to use in your own projects and with any framework.


There will be lots of code. Participants need to be comfortable with HTML, CSS & JS. Participants will need to carry their laptops, with Chrome, Firefox and a text editor installed.

Speaker bio

I’ve been designing & developing web applications for the last nine years. I currently specialize in cross-device Responsive Web Design and Web application accessibility.

I am particularly concerned that as web developers we are more interested in the next cool feature or technology, but ignore the basics, and in the process break the web for a large number of users.


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