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rajan chandi


Building Products People Want

Submitted Dec 30, 2013

This workshop is designed for people who are programmers, designers or people running technology companies and seek to launch their own web or mobile product. This workshop walks you through the key steps to creating a product for real people, starting from Idea generation to start getting a few thousand monthly active users.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Come up with a great product idea with idea generation techniques.

  • Define your product purpose and prioritize features for real people.

  • Come up with the best logo and domain name for your product.

  • Market your product for free and get some users before you build it.

  • Learn design and product hacks that will help to get your product out fast.


Idea Generation and Validation (45 minutes session)

Product Definition and Design (45 minutes session)

Getting users/customers for your Product (45 minutes session)

Product Development Hacks (45 minutes session)


Participants needs to have basic knowledge of design and ideally programming.
Prior knowledge of basic html and css is must.
Willingness to build and launch a product for real people.
Some start-up experience is ideal but not necessary.
Participant must carry their laptops with Internet connection.

Speaker bio

Mr Rajan Chandi did his engineering in Information Technology with distinction throughout. His father bought him his first computer in 12th science vacation and has been building software since then. He was in USA for 4 years in various roles from web developer to senior technical architect. Has conceptualized, designed, programmed, marketed and sold software products. Rajan has a track-record of building products that are used by thousands of monthly active users -,, and now

** Hireplug - Social Recruitment Platform **

  • Paying customers in India and UK

  • In Alexa 100k with a total team of 3

  • Acquisition interests from 3 major players

  • 5000+ monthly active users

** ( - Group video chat service **

  • Built and launched alone.

  • 5000+ monthly active users

  • One of the top 10 rock bands (papa roach) used it.

  • Football team of Spain wrote to

** - Open Lesson Library **

  • Built and launched alone.

  • 3000+ monthly active users

  • Users created lessons, Study Notes, Q & A etc.

** - Create & Share Interactive Study Notes **

  • Built with a total team of 2

  • 8000-10,000 monthly active users as of now.

  • Used by 100+ reputed schools around the globe.

  • Teachers keep tweeting about Classmint all the time.

  • Covered by major EdTech blogs and teacher blogs.

Rajan also hosts meet-up for Product Startups in Bangalore:



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