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Shyamala Prayaga


A/B testing and beyond

Submitted Dec 20, 2013

On one side UX Designers focus on usability testing to drive conversions, but they are skeptical about A/B testing for multiple reasons that they cannot capture user emotions, interactions, challenges, usability issues etc. Then why invest on A/B testing?

On the other hand we have Business Teams and Product Managers who dont feel usability testing feasbile for every small web element from time, planning, go to market and budgeting aspects. Then why invest on usability testing?

This is a topic which everyone should be aware of and also should know when to use which technique. In my hands-on workshop I will be focusing on

  1. What is A/B testing
  2. What is Usability Testing
  3. Why A/B Testing
  4. When to use A/B testing Vs Usability Testing
  5. What can you A/B test?
  6. Do’s and Dont’s of A/B Testing
  7. A/B testing Techniques (Basic and Advanced)
  8. Tools for A/B testing
  9. Statistics, Funelling and Collecting Data from A/B testing

We’ll do a hands-on session by creating 2 versions of a webpage and will do a end to end A/B testing right from setting up your A/B test to gathering data, funneling and checking conversions.


A/B testing are a great way to help you drive more conversion on your website. A/B testing help you decide the best layout, headlines, images, message copy etc. that motivates the visitors to complete a transaction.

For many users A/B testing sounds like a “no-brainer”. You make two versions of a webpage (A and B), split traffic amongst those versions and choose the version that produces maximum conversions. That’s it! At the core, A/B testing is really as simple as I described.

Even if you are doing this kind of simple A/B testing, you are probably far ahead of your competition.But in order to truly boost your conversions, you need to know some of the advanced A/B testing tactics that only experienced practitioners currently use.

In this workshop I will walk you through the effective A/B testing tactics and tecnhiques from the basics to advance level.


  • Laptops
  • Any IDE for HTML coding
  • Basic HTML/CSS/JS Knowledge

Speaker bio

A self driven user experience evangelist and interaction designer with 13 years experience in mobile and web enterprise applications.

Presently working for Amazon, have past experience of working with companies like AOL, Mindtree, Yodlee, Kony Solutions and Pramati Technolgoies.


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