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Paras Chopra

Deconstructing - how do you gift a website to an unsuspecting wife

Submitted Dec 20, 2013

My talk is the story of how I kept my day job (as CEO of Wingify) and worked part time for 10 days developing a website with a real, hard, unchangeable deadline (my wife’s birthday), all the while living with my wife and making sure she doesn’t get a clue of what I was upto.

I used following methods, technologies and “hacks” to make this website a reality:

  • Straight HTML coding from paper prototypes (no time for photoshop)
  • Choice of Jekyll and making it work on OS X
  • Cross-platform HTML5 video
  • jQuery and jQuery plugins
  • Google Fonts for typography
  • Font Awesome for icons
  • CSS3 menus for navigation
  • Opacity hacks
  • Ninja tricks to “steal” work from her laptop
  • Rescuing her long-offline blogs from

I hope people will learn tricks for rapid web development and how it is possible to develop websites under real deadlines, right under the nose of unspuspecting wives.


What do you do when you suddenly remember that it is less than 10 days to your wife’s birthday and you don’t have a clue what to gift her?

Well, the standards are high. You’ve just been married two months back and the expectations from this first post-marriage birthday are beyond the world. A perfume or a handbag should be saved for later years. This birthday deserves a gift that shows that you haven’t stopped loving her after marriage :)

In such a confused, anxious state I got an epiphany: I should develop a website for my wife who paints, writes, clicks and does cool things. Her entire corpus of work is scattered all around and gifting her an online identity would really show how much you love her. With such child-like glitter in my eyes, I decided to develop and gift her the website 10 days leter.

I will talk about different methods, tips, tricks and “hacks” to that made this website a reality.


Knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. And love for interesting stories.

Speaker bio

Paras Chopra is CEO of Wingify, the company behind popular A/B testing tool: Visual Website Optimizer

He’s a Nihilist but believes in being happy. He blogs at and tweets as


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