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Kilter 2017

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Transformation secrets -- My own experience 97kgs to 60kgs with visible abs.

Submitted Feb 28, 2017

The talk focusses on how to loose fat(not weight) and gain muscle and be consistent with the results. Focussing on my own journey of being obese to getting a pack of six abs! It totally took two years for me and trying various eating patterns, cardiovascular activity and resistance training on combination and different points of time. This whole two years, I was just running a lab in my body and have documented several techniques who can achieve this. This is pure maths and science of calories spent and consumed. I am also succesfully helping people transform and this talk can help anyone who want to get into a better shape and be healthy.


I would be using slides, tell about the macros and micros and their importance, different forms of popular diets, workout techniques, suppliments etc. Slides not yet ready.



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Because this is my own story. Who can be a better narrator?



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