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Dr.Deyananda Chakravarthy


Low Carb blood work up :Essential or Extravaganza

Submitted Feb 28, 2017

In this era of increasing awareness on Nutrition and Fitness that’s undoudtedly growing leaps and bounds everyday, the vogue is ‘back to the basics’. The ketogenic diet ( Very low carb diet ) has been fascinating fitness enthusiasts and serial dieters for quite a while now. But all the hype pouring in from most blogs, websites, physical trainers and social media focus mainly on bragging about being in ketosis, giving us a misguided notion of this captivating affair.This results in people taking extreme steps to be in ketosis. In this talk, we get down to the specifics and accentuate a scientific approach to the ketogenic diet with a blood work up behind it. I will show you how a modest modification on the basis of blood tests to your lifestyle will enable you to follow the diet safely.


  • Intro to low carb ( keto )
  • Is blood work up necessary ?
  • Components of a
    structured blood panel..
  • Result Values and its significance
  • Dietary implications and
    modifications for better management
    of lifestyle diseases.
  • Add ons
  • It s a lifestyle rather than diet
  • Scientific movement for accountable
    dietary guidelines.


Interactive audience

Speaker bio

Iam a doctor who was fascinated by the real science behind low carb movement and has been following it...But felt that to practise ketogenic diet safely ..there has to be proper work up and I help in guiding people with that.


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