Kilter 2017

Kilter 2017

On health, nutrition and fitness

Kristen McQuillin


Journaling your Journey

Submitted Feb 14, 2017

Create a journal to track progress to body hacking goals, no matter what they are. Participants will use a mix of scientific-style lab notes and art journal techniques to create their own personalised book.


  1. Merits of journalling on paper vs digital tracking
  2. Journal approaches (with examples & hands-on practice)
  • Defining your goals & making a pledge (group work)
  • Mapping progress - creating progressive goals
  • Just the stats - tracking with data points
  • Notes and observations - feelings and beyond
  • Time travel - looking back via daily entries
  1. Sharing our work-in-progress


No experience required. Bring a blank notebook/sketchbook/ring binder to create your journal and (if you wish) printouts of PDFs to be published on the Kilter blog before the conference. You are welcome to bring any pens or art supplies that you like, too, and I will also provide some.

Space & equipment required: tables and chairs. I will bring printouts, samples, and some art supplies.

Speaker bio

Tink is a creative dilettante with a passion for movement, storytelling, and art. A circus teacher and performer, she works around the world with kids and adults to create community circus events. She has been journalling online and offline for over 40 years.



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