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shiva kumar bharathi


Gamifying your eating habits

Submitted Mar 10, 2017

What is it?

There is lot of information out there when it comes to what to eat. It is confusing for people to follow a system plus there are very few people in the health industry who are committed to transferring that knowledge into a habit or a behavior

The talk will focus on how important it is to build healthy eating habits and top 5 leassons that is helping the players to keep the habits.

What are your take aways?
You will understand the three key parts that makes a behavior- trigger, motivation and simplicity

How you can apply that using principles of nature, listening to you body and support from people who can play this game with you

Who is it for?
If you have situations:

like either building the habit or sustaining them

Managing simple illness like cold, gastritis, healthy bowel movements

detoxification process

alternatives for five whites


Healthy eating habits has three aspects to it:

by following ‘MOON CYCLES’ (from 11thday of the previous new moon till the forthcoming full moon and from the 11thday of the previous full moon to forthcoming new moon)

and enabling ‘body wisdom’ which is the five senses(seeing, feeling/touching, smelling, hearing and tasting

through community supported coaching( There are over five levels to this game and each player supports a another person and collectively people support each other who are playing at different levels)


Fruits- local, native, seasonal

Speaker bio

Shiva kumar is wellness coach who is enabling people to build healthy eating/lifestyle habits through replacing their unhealthy environments in their life

He is tree hugger, volunteers at a farm once in 2 weeks, eats only fruits for 12 days in a month and enjoys taking rest.

Other things:
o Been part of core team which has trained/coached over 15000 Professionals/Students

o Personally Coached/Mentored over 2000 people on Learning, Leadership, Building careers and Life skills.

o I’m the Youngest “Professional Certified Coach” Credential holder from International Coach Federation.

o Have got 9+years of running small business operations/finance functions



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