Kilter 2017

Kilter 2017

On health, nutrition and fitness

Shabari Rao


Body as illusion

Submitted Feb 20, 2017

This performacne will examine the tension between the ‘quantified self’ and the ‘subjective/felt self’ and explore both as illusiion. At a time when we have more and more ways of translating bodlily experience into numbers, how do we exprience our felt sense of self? Which is more ‘true’ or ‘accurate’? Is there one that is more accurate? Or is that a false dychotomy? As a performace the body will be both subject and object - the body will be the mode of undersatning the body.


The performace will be aproximately 15 minutes. Im not yet sure what shape it will take. Ideally I would like to project data collected from the performing body, in real time.


Projector, data collecting aparatus.

Speaker bio

The body has been the site of my research for the last 17 years. I am a professioanl dancer and have been interested in the body as the primary way in which we aprihend and exprience the world. I am interesed in how the body learns and creates knowledge beyond functional skill. I currently perform, teach, undertake research and write about issues that foreground the body as a site of aesthetic, creative, and expressive knowledge production.


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