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Raq That Body - A Belly Dance Workout

Submitted by Chitra Balachandran (@bombaybellyrina) on Feb 16, 2017

Section: Workshops Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Besides being an incredibly beautiful art form, the ancient art of belly dance is also a brilliant full-body workout. Come enjoy shimmies, shakes, and sweat with one of India’s first belly dance instructors.


  • Brief introduction to belly dance and the concept of muscle isolations
  • Demonstrations of basic moves
  • Quick choreographed belly dance workout routine
  • Stretches


A hip scarf or dupatta to tie around your waist is recommended, but not mandatory. Participants are requested to wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement.

Speaker bio

Chitra, aka BombayBellyrina, is one of India’s first professional belly dance instructors and creator of the Raq That Body workout.



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