Why FP-Web Conf

Web application technologies are evolving and becoming even more important. HTML/CSS/JS continues to be the primary language for web app development, but it is increasingly becoming common to build desktop applications, mobile applications, and even embedded applications with it. Simultaneously, we are seeing some really exciting things happening in the FP ecosystem and community. Functional programming is becoming more mainstream, and increasingly being applied to web development technologies.

More and more mainstream languages which are used for web development are adopting FP techniques, and providing FP oriented APIs. On the JVM you have Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, etc. Even Java has adopted things like lambdas and streams, pattern matching, as well as immutable data structures. On the dot net platform there’s F#.

There are languages like TypeScript that bring FP to JavaScript itself. And then there are Haskell and PureScript that provide a strong type system, purity, and immutable data structures. PureScript has JavaScript as the primary target backend. GHC, which is a compiler for Haskell, recently had the JS backend and the web assembly backends merged. Rust which is not pure, still adopts a lot of techniques from functional programming and provides a lot of the same compile time guarantees with its type system. Functional programming is where the industry is moving as a whole.

Using functional programming techniques can help you improve the reliability, scalability, and maintainability of your applications. It has also been shown to provide a delightful development experience and improves developer velocity.

Who should participate?

  1. Developers who work on web development projects and are interested in FP. Discover how functional programming techniques can help you be more productive.
  2. People who work on codebases that are becoming harder to maintain.
  3. Managers who want to increase productivity and velocity of their teams. Functional code is clearer and easier to refactor and maintain. You can reason about code in the absence of side effects.
  4. Stakeholders who want to scale their processes and teams, and keep up with industry trends. FP techniques are becoming more and more popular, and technology companies that want to compete at a global level must adopt these practices.

In short, if you are:

  • a web developer,
  • developer working on legacy apps,
  • manager of a team,
  • a stakeholder of any kind who is invested in the success of the project,
    you should look at Functional Programming because it might just be what you need to make your project a success!

Members-only conference

FP Web Conf on 29 September will be held in-person. Attendance is open to JSFoo members only. Support the community’s activities with a membership to attend the conference in-person. If you have questions about participation, post a comment here.


Participants will get an in-depth understanding of the use of functional programming techniques and principles in web development.

  1. You will learn how functional programming can help improve the scalability, maintainability, and reliability of their applications.
  2. You will understand how to approach and adopt functional programming in their own teams and how to educate and train people.
  3. You will gain an understanding of best practices from in-depth case studies.
  4. You will get to interact with a large pool of web development and functional programming professionals. It’s a great way to extend your hiring pool to include very smart, dedicated group of people and core members of the community.

About the curator

The conference is curated by Anupam Jain. Anupam has been developing web apps for over a decade and a half, and works with strongly typed FP, user interfaces, analytics, and fintech. Anupam has founded the FP India user group, and is an active contributor to free and open source software, creating libraries such as the Concur UI framework. He curated PureConf also organised by Hasgeek and Juspay in 2022.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Companies seeking employer branding.
  2. Evangelism of developer tools.
  3. Supporting diversity in the FP Web community

If you are interested in sponsoring FP Web Conf’s activities, email sales@hasgeek.com

Contact information

For any inquiries, call JSFoo at +91 7676 33 2020 or leave a comment.

Code of Conduct

Hasgeek’s Code of Conduct will apply to participants, speakers and sponsors.

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