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Break Down To Take Down

Submitted by pulkit k (@kpulkit29) on Jan 26, 2020

Duration of the session: 15 mins crisp talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Well, we as developers often talk about modules and their advantages. But how often do we talk about making modules meaningful, trustworthy, choosing best modular pattern erc. Good modular system is the basic ingredient of any Javascript framework. This talk would throw some light on the it’s importance.


Break down to take down: The title might seem vague but breaking down the project into meaningful modules is what most of us miss out on. Well, by meaningful I mean not only is it important to break down code base into individual modules but also to make those modules reusable. This session would also summarise my learnings while working on a product that relies heavily on the smooth working of a Javascript Library(which is obviously broken down into modules) and how we manage that. I would also talk about the different module patterns and when to use them. Moreover every Javascript framework depends on a good design system.

In short, this session would give a clear picture on how breaking down your codebase will help you take down a lot of problems.
I plan to cover the below mentioned points -:

  • Why focus on this?
  • Examples to depict how modular system helps in writing efficient program in less number of lines.
  • Importance of making modules meaningful.
  • Give more power to your modules by writing end-to-end and unit test cases.
  • Different Modular Patterns -:
  • Facade Pattern (pros & cons)
  • Mediator Pattern (pros & cons)

Speaker bio

Software Engineer at Wingify. Full stack developer with keen eye for writing elegant code. Loves contributing to open source projects, talk about JS and participating in hackathons.





  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 3 months ago

    Hello Pulkit, thank you for today’s rehearsal. Adding notes from today’s feedback session:

    1. Facade patterns or facade patterns. Confirm the pronunciation.
    2. Explain what the code snippets achieved.
    3. Mention that there are lots of patterns out there but these two patterns are the ones I found useful.
    4. Give practical examples.
    5. What are the modules in JS? Explain with code. Otherwise current terminology sounds theoretical.
    6. Your advantage makes more sense when I see code. Code helps set the context.
    7. Don’t use the word obviously on stage. It intimidates audience.
    8. Practical examples need to be added.
    9. What is obvious to you us not obvious to audience. Explain your concepts for audience to understand.
    10. Add a contact information slide at the end of the presentation.
    11. Where you have borrowed graphs, quotes or content from other sources, attribute the source in the slide itself.

    Share your revised slides by 15 February so that we can schedule a rehearsal in the following week.

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