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SnowPack: Building Web applications with Less tooling

Submitted by Rajasegar Chandiran (@rajasegar) on Thursday, 16 January 2020

Duration of the session: 30 mins full talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled

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Do you think it is complicated to bundle your web application? With Snowpack you can build modern web apps (using React, Vue, etc.) without a bundler (like Webpack, Parcel, Rollup). No more waiting for your bundler to rebuild your site every time you hit save. Instead, every change is reflected in the browser instantly.
Most of JS tooling stems from two reasons, the first with different browsers and the second different module systems like CMD, AMD, etc., for different environments. These are the primary reasons why we need bundling and packaging tools like Webpack, Browserify, Parcel, etc., Snowpack is for bundling ES modules to build web applications which are being natively supported by all the modern browsers, which means we can directly use them with script tags inside the browser. This isn’t really a webpack competitor, it’s the same functionality of webpack (production-ready js builds) but leveraging modern web standards (ESM). It is a great compliment to Rollup for development - because Rollup loves ES Modules.


This talks is an introduction and high level overview about Snowpack, the new tooling in the Javascript eco-system. We will be looking into the what’s and why’s of Snowpack. What problems Snowpack solve for developers. The current support for different JS frameworks, browser support, load and cache performance.

Speaker bio

I am a Front-end developer from Chennai, India. I work for a company called Freshworks where we build awesome products for the CRM industry. I love programming languages like Javascript, Ruby, Haskell and Lisp. I wholeheartedly embrace Functional Programming, Code clarity, Performance, Accessibility and Internationalization. I am passionate about Open Source Software and Contributions, recently, I have been writing tools in JS related to ASTs and Codemods for Ember.js and other frameworks.





  •   Raghavendra Satish Peri (@artofvision) 2 months ago

    Hi Rajasegar,
    Can you give more info in the abstract to decide on the talk? A PPT of what exactly you would like to present will also help. Once we have enough info we can decide & confirm the talk.

  •   Rajasegar Chandiran (@rajasegar) Proposer 2 months ago

    Sure Raghav, will update the abstract section with more details. And actually I am working on the slides and will let you know once done asap.

  •   Rajasegar Chandiran (@rajasegar) Proposer 2 months ago

    @artofvision Abstract updated and link for the slides added. Please check and let me know.

    •   Raghavendra Satish Peri (@artofvision) 2 months ago

      Thanks for the update. We are looking into it & will confirm our decision soon.

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