JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture

Satyendera Sharma


Deploying apps with Vue at scale

Submitted Aug 6, 2019

The Vue.js core library is designed to be focused and flexible. It’s just a view layer library that doesn’t enforce any application-level architecture. While this can be great for integrating with existing projects, it could be a challenge for those with less experience to build larger scale applications from scratch.

The Vue.js ecosystem provides a set of tools and libraries on how to build large SPAs with Vue. For successful deployment of large scale vue application, we should be careful about isolated modules and micro-frontends architecture and not to overuse our Vuex store.


This is a Birds of Feather (BOF) session where we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Why pick Vue for building enterprise apps with Vue at scale.
  2. Engineering and architecture approaches to building large-scale apps with Vue.
  3. Modularization with Vue.
  4. Impact on developer time and productivity with Vue as framework choice for enterprise scale apps.
  5. Case studies; performance gains and enhancements


Participants should have experience building enterprise scale apps.

Knowledge of Vue isn’t necessary. The facilitators are individuals who have worked with Vue on enterprise scale apps. They will share their experiences.

Speaker bio

Satyendera Sharma is working as Senior Associate Experience Technology at PublicisSapient and is a huge fan of application deplpoyment. He has been working on Vue since early 2018 and has delivered large scale projects using VueJS and also implemented adobe launchpad AIR (which developed Using Vue) for retail specific domain.

Swapnil Agarwal is senior software engineer at Meesho. Swapnil is an active member of the Vue community and is co-organizer of Vue meetups with Rahul Kadyan.


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