JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture



Divyam Rastogi


Creating a highly reusable VueJS Component library and publishing on NPM using @vue/cli 3.0

Submitted May 3, 2019

This talk is going to be about creating highly reusable components using Vue.js, the good practices one must keep in mind when creating a component library and some design patterns we could use.
The audience will learn how to create their own libraries of extensible components and how easy it is to publish it on NPM to encourage reusability of code.


  1. Things to keep in mind while creating components.
  2. The different options available in Vue CLI 3 on creating a component library.
  3. Use cases of different design patterns.
  4. Publishing on NPM.
  5. Example usage of library component that we created.

This is an old article that might expand upon the content. I will be coming up with more content after reading the new features that have been added in the documentation.


Laptop with Node and NPM installed, internet.

Speaker bio

I am Divyam Rastogi, a Frontend Developer at Flock. I have about six years of experience in Frontend development, and I’ve worked upon a variety of JS frameworks like Backbone, AngularJS, Angular, React and Vue. I’m a Vue fanboy and don’t shy away from admitting it.

Profile: https://javascriptbit.com/profile/




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