JSFoo: VueDay 2019

JSFoo: VueDay 2019

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture

Kunal Varma


A modular approach to building large scale Vue apps

Submitted May 11, 2019

Vue has been gaining a lot of acclaim in the world of modern FrontEnd development - especially for being easy-to-learn and to get started with. Yet, its a common notion that Vue is only suitable for small to medium sized applications and/or limited to certain parts or modules of a large application.

In this talk, we will look at what goes in to building a large-scale Vue app by leveraging modularity, addressing common pitfalls, (design) patterns to solve recurrent problems, and nifty tips/tricks to enhance your development experience. Everything covered during the talk is sourced from the learnings derived out of building fairly large-scale applications in Vue over the last 4 years, with each topic accompanied by one or more scenarios.


  • Introduction
  • What is a Large Scale Application
  • Anatomy of a typical Vue app
  • What’s a Module?
  • Conventions are good
  • Demo
  • End


Have a cup of coffee before the talk ;)

Speaker bio

Kunal is an early Vue adopter (when v-for was v-repeat) and an ardent evangelist of Vue. He is notorious for his dark humor, and pulling pranks on his peers. Amongst other things, he is the co-founder and CTO of ClearGlass Analytics.





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