JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

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What web can do - How far web has bridged the gap vs native


Prathik S


Web has come a long way vs native apps. Browser makers are adding plethora of APIs that are making the task of choosing web or native an obvious one. (PS:If you are a native or backend dev, Answer is web :) ) Talk will look at the progress web has made over the years.

Key takeway for most people is that you dont need native apps for most scenarios and get a short intro into new web APIs


It will cover
1. PWA 2.0 with Instalibility on various platforms |
2. Sharing via Web Share and Web Target api |
3. Payments via Request Payment and Payment Handler |
4. Communicate via Bluetooth, USB and NFC |
5. Hardware access via Generic Sensor API, Camera APIS |
6. Where Web lacks vs native apps on various platforms.


Any tech enthusiasts can attend. Knowledge of web or mobile dev would be a plus.

Speaker bio

Developer at microsoft working on developing a desktop app using web technologies and improving its perf.

Previously worked on Cordova, PWA, Chrome Apps.