JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

CS Madhav


Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps Faster with Next.js

Submitted Oct 17, 2018

Isomorphic apps are those which runs both on client and server. Next.js is the framework for developing server-side rendered react applications. In this talk we are going to discuss how Next.js makes our life simple when we are developing apps with React and Node. It also talks about how painful it is to develop a complete basic web application (with proper authentication and user sessions) with create-react-app utility and Node.js. The challenges faced in developing those and how Next.js help in solving those problems faster. We are also going to discuss how easily we can make a web app with cookie-based authentication with react and Next.js. We will see that we can achieve automatic code splitting + HMR + SSR with completely no configuration which can help saving our development time a lot and makes our app simple to maintain. The main focus for this talk is simple:

  1. To reduce our development time and deliver apps faster, We can spend more time writing our core logic then wasting time configuring our apps for it or writing more boilerplate code.
  2. Keeping code as simple as possible so that it would be easy to maintain.
  3. Server-side-rendered apps will definately get the plus points on SEO.
  4. Server-side rendering is also one of the key improvements in React 16 and therefore react apps with SSR gain huge performance benefits from it.


  • What is exactly Isomorphic app?
  • Problems faced while development of full-stack (Node + React) apps like:
    1. When you build separate node server for serving your react apps and which then communicates with separate backend server with JWT auth (For example) that makes things complicated and make systems less maintainable as you need to maintain two servers which increases development and deployment overhead specially when you need to deliver small apps faster.
    2. Or When you start configuring your webpack with your react app for SSR, Automatic code-splitting which kills your development time.
  • How Next.js can help us solve those problems
  • What else Next.js can do?

Speaker bio

Full-stack developer working @ Ayopop which is the indonesia’s emerging Paytm and a fin-tech startup. Engineered Allusion JS which is Javascript bug tracking system as a side project. Worked with iZooto and SquareBoat. I’ve been developing apps on Laravel, Ionic, Node.js, Angular and React for almost three years.




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