JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Basavaraj Sonnad


Building applications with no fear with NO frameworks

Submitted Oct 7, 2018

Now-a-days, with all the frameworks in place, its easy to build application. Going a step further - Routing, AJAX api calls, Component-architecture and even security is provided by all frameworks. So, its a complete package and we write our application on top of these framework/library dependencies. But have you ever tried to build same library which gives similar API(not exactly like though). Many of us would argue on - why to solve the same problem again. I agree to them. But my take is have you ever seen ALL the code that you are shipping to end user, especially the libraries/frameworks. These libraries are popular, tested with millions of users and we trust them. There is no harm. Everyone doesn’t build own library. But have you? Have you come across the difficulties? I have. It was roller-coaster like ride where you get stuck at different situations and you figure out a way to finish the ride. So this talk is going to be about one of the ways of creating app with own simple library which kind of mimick the external libraries. I am not encouraging this to deploy such apps to PROD, but they will surely level up your core javascript knowledge.


My talk will be about my experiences while building app without external frameworks. Basically, it will construct of different needs of app such as routing, API calls, Component structure abstraction. Lets say Routing - first define the API(focussing on making simple API) to be consumed and try to implement API.

Takeaway -

  1. To encourage and build own API libraries with strong focus towrads API consumption.
  2. This talk will also let you some good coding patterns that will be helpful in App development.


Understanding of Javascript is enough. And you get bonus if you have played around with different frameworks like React.

Speaker bio

Basavaraj works at PubMatic, Pune as a Software Engineer mostly on Javascript, Angular. Enthusiastic about new technologies and use cases. Past - AgroStar,Pune.


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