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JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

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Gokul Kathirvel


Writing modern apps with Ember Octane

Submitted Mar 31, 2019

A Talk about how Ember Octane, a new edition of Ember.js recently released will help frontend developers to spin modern web apps really easily and quickly. The talk will be focused on how the Octane edition utilizes the native platform features like ES Classes, decorators, etc., effectively.

This talk will hopefully help developers from the various ecosystems (Vue, React, Vanilla JavaScript, etc.,) to grasp how to build a modern app using Ember.js and it’s eco-system. Since the talk will focus on the intro to the framework, the basic understanding of JavaScript language is enough. However, experience with ES classes would be helpful but not mandatory.



  • Intro to Ember as a framework.
  • Features introduced in the new edition, Octane (for whom already using Ember)
  • Building a ticket manager component using native vanilla ES class

** Converting the ES class into an Ember component using the new Octane feature**

  • Create a new Ember app (Octane Blueprint)
  • Create a bare Component
  • Move logic from our native ES class into the Ember Component
  • UI Markup (pre-built)
  • How to wire the UI markup into component state
  • Tracking chnages (Keeping DOM in sync)
  • Other framework feature to build a full-fledged application: Computed properties, component arguments, template conditionals, looping, routing, state management
  • Upcoming feature into the framework
  • Final thoughts on the process


The targetted audience of this talk will be:

  • Beginner level frontend dev with the basic understanding of javascript language.
  • Folks from other community/framework whos willing to explore a new framework.
  • Folks from Ember community to know more about the new Octane edition.

The talk may contain small chunks of coding sessions. Bringing Laptop is appreciated but not a requirement as all the code snippets will be included in the slides.

Speaker bio

Here is a Chennai based frontend developer working at Zoho Corp, a SaaS company focusing on building business operations application. I build stuff using Ember.js and Vue.js at work. I love creating browser extensions. I’m helping in maintaining https://ember-twiddle.com




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