JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

On building faster, performant and secure web applications

Karthickeyan Narasimhan


One Extension for all Browsers!

Submitted Apr 11, 2019

WebExtensions API are the future of browser extension. With this API, Developers can write extensions that can work in almost all browsers. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS is enough to write an extension of your own. In this session, I will walk-through the anatomy of WebExtensions, how to create your first web extension, introducing various API’s like Context Menu, tabs, webRequest, Alarm & notification API. Finally on how to run and debug the extension.



Speaker bio

Karthickeyan is a software engineer at Freshworks and an official Mozilla Tech speaker. He contributes to Open Source projects during his free time and talks about latest breakthrough in Web technology & cloud in various Events and international conferences. He is also a part of Mozilla’s Campus Advisory Committee which empowers students to contribute to FOSS projects. He has been listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser for his contributions to the different open source projects of the Mozilla Foundation




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