JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

On building faster, performant and secure web applications

Mohamed Yaseen


Vue.Js: Introduction

Submitted Apr 19, 2019

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces.Vue is a library that focuses heavily on the ViewModel—the two-way data bindings that tie what we see and interact with on the screen with the application’s data model. In this way (and as stated on the Vue.js website), the library is “not a full-blown framework - it is designed to be a view layer that is simple and flexible”.

In this talk i am going to cover the basics of vue.js required to create a single page application.


Topics to be discussed:
1. Intro to Vue.js
2. Comparison with other libraries/frameworks
3. Basic Vue.js features - Interolations,Directives,Modifiers,Components,Props,Event Handling
4. Single File Components
5. Vue CLI for Development Environment
6. Demo of an app created with Vue.Js

Speaker bio

I am Mohamed Yaseen, currently working as Application developer with Thoughtworks Coimbatore.
I had close to 10 Years of experience in building scalable web applications. Passionate in front end technologies


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