JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

On building faster, performant and secure web applications

kalashri aundhkar


GTM - (Google Tag Manager)

Submitted Feb 22, 2019

Proposal and 5 good reasons why i am recommending exactly this.
1) People should know about event tracking.
2) GTM Takes hassle out-of normal tracking.
3) It also helps to speed up testing of your new website launching using tracking.
4) User tracking and data capturing is very easy with GTM. GTM passes this tags and triggers data to Google analytics and your events get tracked over their.
5) GTM requires a minimal amount of coding for tracking. Previously developers used to pass event tracking data through GA but for that we need to add more code and most of the times sprints are full of development tickets and they don’t have time for digital marketing or tracking related tickets. If you are facing same issue then GTM will help you, you can directly create tags and triggers on GTM container and it solves your coading and timing.


1] What is GTM and why we are using this for event tracking and why not Google analytics directly.
2 ] What are tags and triggers in the GTM and how to share preview and how to debug application with GTM.
3 ] How to track event directly from GTM and using js code (example will be with React.js)
4 ] Why companies and clients or marketing team needs this to integrated in your project.


You can just listen it and make key notes or Keep laptop with you.

Speaker bio

I think i am the best person to take this session as i did POC of GTM without anyonces help.
I have integrated it in more than 4 applications and i know what are real benifits of using GTM.
I would like to share my understandings and outcome from the GTM.



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