JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

On building faster, performant and secure web applications

Swarup Sengupta


Frontend Performance Optimizations @ Booking.com

Submitted Sep 12, 2018

Serving more than a million pageviews per minute around the world means a million issues to take care as well. The problem becomes more convoluted when you consider the wide geography, various platforms, wide range of internet speeds and a culturally diverse user base. Also on top of that there are more than a thousand developers/designers who are trying everyday to put better and more features in front of the users. All of these lead to a lot of overhead for our users and slow down the website. We are a small team of developers at Booking trying to speed up the website using a variety of methods and tools, while not slowing down our development.


The talk will comprise of the various performance improvements we have done recently to speed up the website by leveraging both new APIs and also combining them with tried and tested methods. It will also have an insight into how we came up with new metrics and tools and how they are better at measuring frontend performance from an users’point of view.

Speaker bio

Swarup has worked in multiple web and ecommerce related companies, serving an user base around the world. Right now he works in Booking.com as mostly a front end dev to improve website and developer performance.


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