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Micro-Frontends - Practical tools to manage complex React codebases

Submitted by Sampath Kumar (@sampathoops) on Saturday, 15 December 2018

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Javascript has gone through radical evolution over the past decade. The browser has grown from being a light-weight platform for building simple user interfaces to where it is today, while Javascript has grown to become ubiquitous.

In today’s era where front-end apps serve complex use cases and workflows, UI codebases are only growing with time. This is exactly why fundamentally different paradigms such as microfrontends have come to the fore to manage complexity and help build elegant and maintainable codebases.


In my talk, I would like to share some of my experiences building complex frontends, how we evolved our frontend codebases while structuring the talk into the below segments.

Segment 1: I will share heuristics & criteria to evaluate a frontend codebase to see whether it meets the definition of complexity and does the codebase qualify for re-engineering. Eg code smells, anti-patterns, usage of global namespaces / data stores etc.

Segment 2: I will then talk about how one applies the micro frontends approach into structuring a webapp more so in the context of React.

Segment 3: Closing notes and Q & A

Speaker bio

My name is Sampath. Presently with Sixt Research & Development, working as a frontend engineer. I’ve also worked with Tesco.com building their responsive homepage, prior to that was with Arvind ltd helping them launch their first e-commerce brand in India with a short time-to-market. Prior to that worked on complex network management products at Cisco and few other companies.

I’m a certified usability analyst and right throughout my career, have focused on front end development.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sampath-kumar-4b3717a/




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