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Thibaud Courtoison


“PrismaPizza”, your GraphQL backend delivered home in 30min

Submitted Oct 16, 2018

For some time now, we’ve been hearing all about GraphQL. Served as REST’s replacement, we look forward to tasting this language.

But where do we start? Together, we will discover how to use Prisma and Yoga to set up a GraphQL server and link it to your database faster than a Domino’s pizza delivery.

To spice it up, we will livecode a Pizza ordering application server during this talk.

Ready? Then let’s go, it’s gonna be a piece of cake!


The talk will go as follow:
1/ Presentation of GraphQL and Prisma
2/ Show frontend of the livecode project
3/ Install and run Prisma
4/ Presentation of the playground (insert datas, show queries and mutations)
5/ Write backend
6/ Plug frontend on backend
7/ Finish talk. Eat pizzas.


No requirements necessary

Speaker bio

Passionate about any and all challenges, I likes to write scripts to facilitate my life. Attracted to continuous learning, I joined Zenika in order to collect and share knowledge on various subjects, even if I still prefer the good ol’ JS.




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