JSFoo 2017

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Maybe you don't need a React or Angular to build single page


Bharat Soni


While everyone is either using or planning to use SPA frameworks like React, Angular to build new generation web applications, this talk is more about how a developer can build his own single page application with bare bone JS and minimum possible stack.

This talk will be more around how SPA works and how to build one according to the product needs.


  • Very brief intro to SPA
  • Why, when and how to choose a SPA framework
  • Can we have our own framework which suits the best to our product needs
  • Architecting your own SPA framework
  • Deep dive in the framework with demo


You should know JS

Speaker bio

Bharat has more than 5 years experience in Front-End Development. He has mostly worked with startup companies like Freecharge, Findyogi. These days he is busy building Front-End for Redmart. He has deep interest in imporiving front-end development experince. Loves to write JS and do small magic tricks with CSS.