JSFoo 2017

JSFoo is a conference about JavaScript and everything related.

Naren Arya


Building next generation progressive web apps with Isomorphic JavaScript

Submitted Mar 5, 2017

This is a talk about how a single appliation codebase can be shared by both web server and browser(client). Isomorphic/Universal applications are the future of web development in JavaScript ecosystem. You might be wondering why on earth one need an isomorphic app? If you need an end to end JavaScript solution with features like SEO complient, Progressive rendering, blazing speed then look out for IJS(Isomorphic JsvaScript). Here React can help us achieve that target.


Isomorphic JavaScript is not a tool or library. It is a design of your application’s architecture. JavaScript from the end to end. Sometimes server rendering is needed for security. In other cases, client should take the logical decisions. Combining these two, you can make your web applications run faster.


An open mind to analyze a different development pattern that you never experienced before

Speaker bio

Naren Arya is a Software Engineer 2 working at Citrix R&D India and a technical blogger by the breed. His technical articles were read by 400K people worldwide. He helps Citrix driving the cloud products. Chosing the better design and making it work for a huge customer base(1M) are the challenges his team faces everyday. He wants to share how Citrix’s new cloud team tried to solve their problems with Isomorphic JavaScript.





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